November 2, 2014


My first ever traditionally published novella is out now!

  ‘You need to come downstairs. It’s your mum: she’s having one of her funny turns.’ His hands shook as he gestured behind him. I jumped up and followed him out of the room.

  ‘You’re joking? She’s not h...

July 27, 2014


'The camp was well set out so it was a shame I’d soon have to destroy it. I stood on the edge of the red mountain top, looking down at the rebel’s base. I’d been searching for them for three days. At first, Artie had admitted defeat. He’d even tried to forbid me fr...

July 13, 2014


15th June

  'If I don't hear from them by the end of June, I'm going to self publish,' I said to my friend as we walked the dogs. The forest was bright as the sun shone through the leaves and danced on the dirty ground.
   'What have you submitted again?' my friend a...

May 17, 2014

Life is a whole mesh of choices. Each individual has a choice every day. Choices determine how we think, feel, act and respond. You have a choice. 


The choices I made in the past were all based on my emotions. I think this is the same for everyone. When we feel somethi...

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