January 12, 2015



  'What are you writing now?' my uncle asked me as I sat waiting for my mum.

  It was the Christmas party and everyone had been asking me the same question.

  'I'm writing book three of a trilogy called Deadliners,' I replied, grabbing my plate of party food and ea...

December 29, 2014

This time of year is a time for reflection. We're suspended in the middle week of Christmas and New Year and we look over what has happened in the last twelve months.

New adventures are coming, but what have we learnt from the old ones? I know that I've learnt that no...

October 21, 2014

I'm joining in a new top ten weekly blog post. Today I'm starting with the current songs I'm listening to. I like to sing. You'll often hear me in my car as I drive past...yes, I seriously sing that loud!


Here's the top ten songs I'm listening to right now:


1. All of M...

September 22, 2014


 'What's happened? I just picked up my cards and they're all fives?' I asked, frowning as I glared at my playing cards.

 'What...?' my friend said as I chucked the cards on the table and burst out laughing. It wasn't an ordinary laugh, it was a high pitched hyster...

August 31, 2014


The king was sitting at his table when we entered the room. The violinist was a beautiful blonde girl wearing a long green dress. The music reflected the time of the Tudors and wenches roamed the floor.

 'What costume are you going to wear?' my friend asked me a...

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