January 30, 2017

Living alone, this subject is a funny one. But, lets talk about how my family survives my writing. In my family, my mother is the creative one. She loves to write, paint and do arts and crafts. Yet, she's never taken it anywhere, it's a hobby. So, imagine the shock of...

January 4, 2016


2015 is over! So, what did you achieve this year? I have a habit of making a list every new years eve on what I've achieved throughout the year. It helps to keep me positive, instead of worrying about what hasn't been done. Without further ado, let's see what shenanig...

March 2, 2015

 ‘I get your point, mate, don’t worry. I was genuinely interested in the bracelet.’

  I looked into the man’s eyes and felt fear bubble in my stomach. Fathers warning came into my head and I wondered if the man knew about my mission. He got up suddenly and sat in the...

January 19, 2015

My New Desk


My eyes stung as I blinked the tears away. I picked up my pen and put it in the bag. I glanced over to my colleague to see that she was wiping her eyes. I'd been in this job for almost ten years. The whole of my 20th decade was spent sitting at the des...

January 12, 2015



  'What are you writing now?' my uncle asked me as I sat waiting for my mum.

  It was the Christmas party and everyone had been asking me the same question.

  'I'm writing book three of a trilogy called Deadliners,' I replied, grabbing my plate of party food and ea...

December 29, 2014

This time of year is a time for reflection. We're suspended in the middle week of Christmas and New Year and we look over what has happened in the last twelve months.

New adventures are coming, but what have we learnt from the old ones? I know that I've learnt that no...

December 15, 2014



  'Have you always chased your dreams?' she asked as we traveled on the train.

  We were on our way to London to have a day out. We planned to see some of the sites and eat good food.

  'I didn't know what I wanted to do when I was a teenager, so no. I was in...

November 24, 2014



  'Why does this generation feel the need to just go out and sleep with each other?' my much older friend asked me as we sat sipping hot chocolate in the local cafe. I tilted my head to the side and raised my eyebrows.
  'It's not just this generation, it's b...

November 17, 2014


  'Are your characters about you?' another author asked me.
  I smiled to myself and thought of the numerous characters I'd written. Some I loved, some irritated me and others were my worse nightmare.
  'I suppose they probably are,' I replied.

October 18, 2014




  'Are you hungry, Ben?' I asked my best friend.

  He looked up at me and wagged his paintbrush tail. It's black and fades into a white tip. His face is half black and half merle.

  'You want some?' I said, holding up his tin of food.

  He jumped up then and tried to l...

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