February 2, 2015


  'What's your Zodiac sign?' I asked, holding my pen poised above the page.

  'Scorpio,' he said, smiling when I wrote it down.

  I loved doing my research. It meant that I could do and ask whatever I wanted.
  'And how would you react if someone asked you to b...

November 29, 2014

Enjoy the Ride!


Self-publishing is like an amusement park ride. Which one? Pick your favorite ride. Nothing as tame as the carousel, though at times you’ll feel like you’re going around in circles with the brass ring flying by in a blur. You might spot the prize o...

November 9, 2014


  'What are you writing?'
  I glanced over at my mother and smiled gently. She was always interested in what I ideas I was coming up with. I tapped my pen against my pad and shook my head.
  'Come on, tell me,' she said, trying to snatch the paper.

September 29, 2014


'Who knew that I’d be here, looking into his eyes. The gaze was an image that had been in my dreams my whole life. My mission had been to unite with my soulmate and bring our souls into one. He growled at me and I took a step back. The rumble had come up from his c...

September 13, 2014


‘I see you and love you still. You will learn to open up to me.’



Never before had I doubted my own mother’s intentions so strongly.


 ‘What’s the matter, Jason?’ she asked. We were standing in the guard’s room of the prison. Catherine, my mother, had ordered them to i...

September 6, 2014


   'I've done it,' I exclaimed, closing the laptop.
   'Done what?' my sister said.

   We were sitting on my balcony enjoying the last of the summer's sunshine.
   'I've finished writing the The Deadiners: New Generation.' I clapped my ha...

August 25, 2014



  'This is good, Rachel,' she said as she put the printed sheets on the table.

  'Really?' I said, trying not to let my jaw hit the ground. My friend was always going to be biased but she was also very honest. She'd let me know where there were mistakes and wha...

August 18, 2014


Welcome to DAY FOUR of

A Week of Wands, Fangs and Wings - A Paranormal Book Blog Tour!


From August 15-22, we will feature books by EIGHT different authors. What kind of books? Paranormal! What do we mean by paranormal?...

July 20, 2014



   'It's your turn,' my mum said, holding out a paintbrush to me. I took it and started to paint a house on the plain white paper.

   'I'm not very good,' I said.
   'Of course you are,' she said, coming to sit next to me.
   I rinsed my p...

July 13, 2014


15th June

  'If I don't hear from them by the end of June, I'm going to self publish,' I said to my friend as we walked the dogs. The forest was bright as the sun shone through the leaves and danced on the dirty ground.
   'What have you submitted again?' my friend a...

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