February 28, 2018

When indie authors start out, we think we know more than we do. We do our research, we insist that our story and our cover are good enough to make thousands of dollars straight away, we even dismiss some of the big sellers advice, thinking that it's no good for us. Tha...

December 15, 2014



  'Have you always chased your dreams?' she asked as we traveled on the train.

  We were on our way to London to have a day out. We planned to see some of the sites and eat good food.

  'I didn't know what I wanted to do when I was a teenager, so no. I was in...

April 21, 2014

Success is so often defined as having lots of money, lots of material objects and other people's good opinions. Success is what drives a person to work, dream and create. Success is not what everyone thinks it is. 


For me, success is completing what I set out to d...

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