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March 22, 2014

Creativity is passion. I feel so lucky to have a passion. Not many people are able to access their creativity. As a writer, I flow with words. I'm not a literary writer, I'm a let the words write me writer. I never plan a story. I just allow the words to flow from me. 


I've been learning and honing my craft for ten years now. I wrote as a child, but knew that there was a lot more to it then just getting words on paper. I am now at the point where I'm ready to share my writing and my message to the world. 


What's Coming Up




The Deadliners is my first novel and it's currently being formatted into an ebook and print book. I will be self publishing my first novel. I'll have the novel up for pre-order soon. I'm aiming to do a book launch of some sort, but this may or may not be an online event. I will be giving away signed copies. 


Teenagers is the current name of my novella. I will be changing its name soon, because its not just aimed at teenagers. This novella is ready to be edited by myself and then by an editor. Once this is done, I will be submitting it to a publishers that are specifically looking for work like this. If I do not get accepted by them, I will be self publishing.


The Avoidable's is my dystopian short story series. I will be writing several series with five episodes to one series. The first series will be free. Following series will have a small fee. Subscribers will receive an episode every week. 


Non Fiction:


Tim van dr Vliet book review and giveaway. 


Gabby Bernstein's God is my Publicist review part 2. 


New video on the power of forgiveness.



I'm really looking forward to getting the ball rolling and getting my work out there. 


Sending loads of love, 

Rachel x



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