Keep Going

April 5, 2014

Chasing your dream can be hard work. What do you do? Keep going! If things get in the way, or time is an issue. Keep going! If you feel doubtful or downtrodden. Keep going! 


I've managed to format my book for the ebook platforms and for print too. I could have paid someone else to do it for me, but I like to learn. I also feel that it helps me to achieve more to learn how to get my book looking how I want it to. Its also good to know for all future books. It will be a lot quicker if I'm able to get it done by myself. 


A very lovely friend of mine gave me some pointers and it really did help me. If you ask others for help, they will often bend over backwards because they want you to be successful. I used to really struggle to ask for help, but now I do it as often as I can. 


I'm loving the process of creating my dream. That's exactly what I'm doing. I'm not chasing my dream because I've decided to take it into my own hands and create it instead. We all do this, even when another may be the deciding factor. We still choose to get up and do the necessary steps on getting to where we want to be. We may fear what can happen when we chase our dreams but if we let the fear go, we are more powerful and able to take the action that is needed. 


Every day I try to take a step towards my dream. I feel lucky to have the passion and drive to keep going. I have such a belief and faith in myself and can't wait for The Deadliners to be released very soon!


Keep going and don't give up!


Love Rachel x

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