Breakthrough - Responsibility

April 27, 2014

I've spoken a bit about responsibility on my blog Breakthrough Your Journey. I feel that because I've now moved over from Breakthrough to here, it would be better to title posts that are to do with self help, healing and wellbeing beginning with Breakthrough.


Responsibility for your life lays in your hands. As soon as you hit the age of eighteen, you become a responsible adult. This doesn't mean that you have to look after yourself. It also means that you have to take responsibility for your actions, thoughts and feelings. I remember being young and thinking that everything that went wrong was because of everyone else. When I got older, I realised that I was only reacting out of emotional intelligence and the fact that I had none. 


Emotional intelligence is a way of saying that you understand why you think and feel the way you do. When this happens you are better able to control your reactions to other people. Instead of being angry or feeling hurt when someone says something to me, I'm now able to take a step back and process how I'm feeling, why I'm feeling that way and if my assumption about what the other person meant is true or not. This helps me to not feel sad, angry or negative. In fact, since learning about who I am and what I actually believe, as opposed to what my parents taught me to believe, I've felt must better on the inside. 


Taking responsibility for my life has saved my life. I now understand myself. I now don't argue as much. I now don't feel lonely all the time. I'm now free from beliefs that were only bringing me down. I'm finally me. 


Anyone can learn emotional intelligence, just by taking responsibility for how they think, feel and react. Decide to change your life today by taking this big step. 


Love Rachel x 

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