May 6, 2014

This journey has been an inspirational one. I started writing my novel, The Deadliners, almost 3 years ago. I finally completed the last edit only a few months ago. I decided to self publish a couple of months ago and now I'm here. With only one week to go until my first novel is published, I'm feeling extremely excited. The expectations I had on how this journey would go were completely different to how it's actually been. Don't you find this with most things though?


I have no expectations on how well The Deadliners will do. Of course, I'm hoping that people will enjoy it and spread the word. I would love to sell lots of copies so that I know that my message is getting out there. I like to keep my mind open. I don't have expectations as I don't know what will happen. So many different things can happen when you don't put expectations on anything. You can dream and visualise the success of your project all you like. If fact, this will help create your success. But having expectations on how something will be, is not realistic. No one knows what will happen. In fact, when you listen to most successful authors, they're usually shocked by how well they have done. 


I plan to keep an open mind. I plan to hope for the best in sharing my work. I plan to give my gift to the world. That way, whatever happens will be a nice surprise and I'll enjoy it much more. 


Love Rachel x

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