Thank You Rave Reviews Book Club!

May 20, 2014

It's been a week since I released my first fiction novel, The Deadliners. I'm so very pleased and excited by the initial support and sales. I worked for three years to make The Deadliners the best it can be. I'm a bit of a perfectionist so I wanted my work to be really good before I self published it. 


The journey is up and down. One moment it's extremely exciting then the next your writers mind tries to persuade you that you're not good enough. You might believe for a moment that no one will want to read your book, let alone buy it. 


Well I chose to ignore my mind because I know that I'm good enough. Everyone is good enough. If we put the work in and believe in ourselves we can do anything. This isn't just with writing, this is with everything in life. 


Just a month ago I found a place called Rave Reviews by Nonnie Jules. I was intrigued as I looked around the site. Being a new author I wanted to see where people were reviewing. What I found at Rave Reviews Book Club is a community of writers and readers that are more supportive than anything I've ever seen. I decided to join and the welcome was with huge open arms. I used the hashtag #ravereviewsbookclub and instantly had a whole host of new friends. They encourage authors and writers, they engage with readers and most of all, they're extremely friendly. I feel part of the family already and I'm so pleased to have found them this early on. 


This blog post is dedicated to Nonnie and the family. The encouragement, retweets and the way you help me and others is priceless. Thank you!


If you want to join the family and enjoyed this post, then step right this way to vote and join!


Love Rachel

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