Make Your Passion a Habit

May 26, 2014

For many years I've been a writer that fits writing in when I can. Writing is my passion and although I have a full time job, I was able to write a novel. Since publishing The Deadliners, I realised that I needed to dedicate a time slot to my writing every day. 


There are many ways you can dedicate time to your passion. What do you enjoy doing? Do you give yourself time every week to make sure you can fit it in? I decided to get up an hour earlier and write 1,000 words in the morning before going to work. This helps me feel like I've achieved something before my day has even begun. I also feel a lot of creative energy is readily available first thing in the morning. Could you get up a bit earlier to put some time into your dream?


Being dedicated to your passion is a way to make it grow. If you want to make a living from your passion, then you need to commit to it. What is your plan of action? Do you know where you would like to go with your work? 


I would like to be a bestselling author. My writing will help give hope to others and I would like to teach others how to write, self publish, heal by using writing as a tool and just to enjoy my words. 


What is your dream goal?


When you have clarity, you can start to work towards your dream with more commitment and passion.


Love Rachel x

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