The Scary Tree

May 31, 2014

I sat there looking over at the tree. The park was dark as the storm clouds loomed overhead. The boy I was with was older than me. He was telling me a story. 

        'When it gets stormy, a huge hand comes down and grabs any child that's sat under the tree.' 
        The tree was scary and I vowed to never sit under it. For many years, I wouldn’t go near a big oak tree. One day, I was with friends. We sat down under a tree and I told them of the story that had scared me so many years before. We laughed as I recalled my fear of something so irrational and untrue. I decided there and then to let go of all fears and patterns that I’d picked up as a child. I wasn't going to be scared because someone had made me feel that way in the past.


Next Time: Edward Scissorhands


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