Mind Body Spirit Festival 2014

June 9, 2014

A Day to Remember


Your mind, body and spirit connection is the most important connection in life. Since becoming more aware of my mind, body and spirit, I've got to know myself in deeper ways. This year I went to the mind body spirit festival in London to check out what they had to offer. 


As usual I could feel the wonderful atmopshere when I walked into the building. There is just something magical about the air at the MBS festival. People are smiling and hugging as they greet each other. 




The stalls were buzzing with electric energy as I wandered around. There were food stalls, book stalls, healing, clothes, massage, the list goes on. I found myself drawn to some beautiful journals on one of the stalls. Being a writer, I always go for something I can write in. 


The first thing I did was to get a full body aura reading. I love to get one every year to compare to the year before. I was pleased to meet a new woman who did my reading. It was very positive and she read my aura well. My main colours were green, yellow and orange. The orange means creative energy. This was spot on as I've just released my first self published book!




The one thing I always look forward to at the MBS is lunch! The food in the cafe by the stage is always lovely. There is a good choice and it's all very good for you. I chose the pea and feta risotto cakes. They were gorgeous!


I decided to get my palm read and was really pleasantly surprised by Master Satoru. His energy was so inviting and his interpreter was lovely too. My reading was very positive with some really exciting times coming up. He said that I was very creative and would be very succesful with my creativity. This bodes well for my books!


Free Stage


The main stage was by far the most mesmorizing. I loved how they had so many different and wonderful guests at the show. The main stage was free, so you didn't have to go to the workshops if you couldn't afford it or didn't have the time. I watched Flavia Kate Peters with her brilliant red hair. Becky Walsh 'the stand up intuitive' gave a great show as she gave readings. She mixed it up with some funny comments and story telling, which made her show really interesting to watch.


No matter where you were in the room when Simply Soweto Encha came on, you started to tap your feet. The African music was catching and you couldn't take your eyes away when they performed. Kate Mackenzie then had you loving and laughing in her gorgeous red hat.


Feels like Home


The MBS is a place where I feel at home. The atmosphere is relaxing. The people are really friendly. There is so much on offer that I almost don't know where to start. I find myself coming back to the Mind Body Spirit Festival in London every year!

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