And The Universe Steps In

July 13, 2014


15th June

  'If I don't hear from them by the end of June, I'm going to self publish,' I said to my friend as we walked the dogs. The forest was bright as the sun shone through the leaves and danced on the dirty ground.
   'What have you submitted again?' my friend asked, calling her dog back to her as he headed straight towards the stream.
   'A novella called Choice that focuses on an eighteen year old living in London. She's struggling to cope with her mum's mental health, so she turns to her group of friends. They all do stupid stuff. When they're robbing a shop, a lad tells her that she has a choice. She thinks he's a weirdo, but the more she hangs out with him, the more she realises that he's right. I won't tell you anymore because I don't want to ruin it, but I love the character, she has such a great personality. She's really funny, which is strange, because I'm not. How could I create a funny person?'
   My friend laughed and shook her head at me.
   'I think a little work on the pitch may be in order,' she said, guiding me away from the stream.
   'Yes, I think you're right,' I laughed, following her.

30th June

   'Guess what?' I squealed down the phone to my friend.
   'What?' she said, sounding a little bored and used to my theatrics.
   'I've literally just got an email. Salt Publishing are going to publish Choice!'



I love how the universe stepped in here. I was determined to self publish my book if I wasn't accepted for an ebook publishing contract. On the very last day of the month, the publishers emailed back with an offer.


To say I was pleased, excited, happy and joyous, was an understatement. I'm now what they call a hybrid author. I'm self published and traditionally published.


I decided to submit Choice! because it fit the Modern Dreams series by Salt Publishing perfectly. It was also a very fair ebook only contract. I really love the other novellas already published in the Modern Dreams series and think that it's very important to write about issue led fiction. I've personally experienced some of the things that my character has and I want to show the world that no matter where you come from, you can achieve your dreams.

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