What Happens When You Die Mummy?

August 3, 2014


   'What happens when you die, Mummy?'

   'I don't know to tell you the truth, Rachel,' my mother answered as we sat by the pond. I could feel the warm sun as it brushed the little blonde hairs on my arms.

   'Do we go anywhere?' I needed to know as I remembered the image of the dead bird we'd just walked past to get here. The crow had been lying on the ground.
   'I believe that we go somewhere, yes, but I'm not exactly sure where.' My mother picked some daisies and started to thread them together. The ducks were full from our offering and swum lazily in the water.
   'I think we do too,' I said, 'I think we go back to where we came from.'

The Deadliners is a novel about life after death. As I wrote it, I let the story flow from me without any thought to my actual beliefs. There are many different theories but no one truely know what happens when we go. The Deadliners is unique in it's theory and I love getting lost in a world where I created spirits that have to bargain for a human's time. These spirits go on to learn a lot about themselves and how they can overcome anything.


The tales that are written by writers, and by you, are just different ways of life. Some are not real and some are. I've written made up stories that have such strong elements of truth running though them it shocks me.


Creating stories is like creating life. I enjoy allowing it to flow and I'm excited for the different experiences I get to have all the time. Do you create your life and story?

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