I Don't Think I'm Para-normal

August 10, 2014


  'Do you believe in ghosts?' my friend asked me as we washed our hands in the sink.
  'No,' I replied as my little body shivered at the thought. 'I have seen Poltergeist though. My daddy watched it and it was really scary.'
  'I think there are ghosts and vampires and witches,' my friend said, running out of the school toilets. I looked into the mirror and felt a chill go up my spine. I didn't want to believe it, but something inside my little mind wondered if they did exist. What if there were ghosts, vampires and witches...?
  'What are you doing?' another friend asked as she came into the toilets.
  'I'm thinking about ghosts,' I replied.
  'You're not normal,' she laughed, running away from me.
  Maybe I wasn't.


I love the mystery that comes with paranormal. I truly believed that these things could be real as a child. I love to write about what could be, rather than what is. I love to allow a story about a different world unfold. This helps me to tell stories in a way that readers can relate too, but in a different way. If I believed anything is possible, then so should others. My message is written through words that may seem unbelievable, but somehow they make sense.


I've collaborated with some fellow paranormal writers to bring you A Week of Wands, Fangs and Wings. Every day next week, I'll be posting a new author and book on my blog. I really hope you check out my friends and their books, you might find some really cool new reads.


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