It's All About the Fun

August 31, 2014


The king was sitting at his table when we entered the room. The violinist was a beautiful blonde girl wearing a long green dress. The music reflected the time of the Tudors and wenches roamed the floor.

 'What costume are you going to wear?' my friend asked me as we browsed through the long dresses on the rail.

 'I want one of the wenches costumes, but they don't have any,' I replied holding up a big crushed velvet dress. My friend shook her head at me and giggled as I put the dress back on the rack.

 'Here, this one will suit you,' she said handing me a red dress. I could feel the corners of my lips lift into my cheeks. I'd worn red lipstick especially for the medieval meal. I was really hoping to find a costume to match.

 'This is going to be so much fun,' I squealed as we rushed off to get changed.


 We came back out into the room and noticed the knights talking to the guests. We were led to our table and told that the event was about sharing. We had big jugs of wine, beer and juice. There was a metal plate where the food was placed so we could share it with the six of us sitting around the table.


 The king sang and so did his queen. The knights fought in a sword fight and the acrobats amazed us. To applaud we banged on the tables with our fists. We shouted wench when we needed something. I laughed a lot as we danced in a big circle. 


It's all about the fun. It's rare for me to let my hair down and laugh but I felt like a lady in the midst of Henry's court. It's certainly given me some ideas to write about.


Love Rachel 

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