It Feels Great

September 6, 2014


   'I've done it,' I exclaimed, closing the laptop.
   'Done what?' my sister said.

   We were sitting on my balcony enjoying the last of the summer's sunshine.
   'I've finished writing the The Deadiners: New Generation.' I clapped my hands and grinned.

   'Well done, that's really good,' she said, laughing when I asked her for a high five.

   'All I've got to do is edit and then get it out there,' I said, grabbing her hand and squeezing in excitement. 

   'When are you going to release it?' she said, shaking her head at her big sister.



I'm excited to have finished The Deadliners 2 this weekend. It was a wonderful journey of writing and taught me a lot about my writing style and speed. I'm going on a camping trip next week to the south of England and I'm looking forward to having a break. When I get back, I'll be starting the editing of Deadiners 2. I'm hoping to have it ready to be published by November.


I'm enjoying every moment of the unfolding of this writing life. I'm pushing new boundaries and creating new worlds.


Thank you so much for joining me!


Look out for the special pre-order price of only 0.99c/77p in October.


Love Rachel

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