Avoidables 3 is Here!

September 13, 2014


‘I see you and love you still. You will learn to open up to me.’



Never before had I doubted my own mother’s intentions so strongly.


 ‘What’s the matter, Jason?’ she asked. We were standing in the guard’s room of the prison. Catherine, my mother, had ordered them to interrogate Sandor- again. 


 ‘I don’t see why you’re doing this,’ I replied, keeping my voice low. ‘I like to watch her squirm, especially when she’s so desperate to use her powers and can’t.’ 


 I looked over to where she was sitting in front of the monitor. Her long back was straight. Her short blonde hair was immaculate. Her finger-nails were painted bright pink, standing out against her pristine light green suit. 


 ‘She’s trying to sense what the guards are going to do next, but she can’t. Those scientists are genius. To give me a formula that dopes her up so much she can’t use her powers, was the best present I could’ve ever asked for.’

 I jumped from my seat and stood behind her. The small room was cramped with monitors and two chairs. But it was my mother’s ugly presence that filled the whole room. For years I’d lived in luxury as she’d helped to run the Perfect government. 


Every complete serial of Avoidables has a soundtrack and this is Jason's: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0dvSoTQ0DY What do you think?

Avoidables 3 is out now! Please do grab the first Avoidables for free if you've not already and then join Purple in number 2 and Jason in number 3. I love getting feedback, so if you do love Avoidables please let me know. I also have a question for those of you that have read Avoidables. Are you a Perfect or Avoidable? Let me know by commenting.

I'm camping this week and will let you know how the weather holds up! It's looking positive at the moment, so keep your fingers crossed for me! Who else loves camping?

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