I Had A Laughing Fit

September 22, 2014


 'What's happened? I just picked up my cards and they're all fives?' I asked, frowning as I glared at my playing cards.

 'What...?' my friend said as I chucked the cards on the table and burst out laughing. It wasn't an ordinary laugh, it was a high pitched hysterical laughter and I couldn't stop.

 'What's she laughing at?' my friend asked my sister over the table. We were playing Go Fish in the tent as we camped in the forest.

 'I have no idea...' my sister said as I doubled over.

 'The cards...I picked up...the pile I'd already...' I couldn't go on...my stomach was aching and tears were running down my face. I could feel my lips pulled back far from my mouth. I covered my face with the other cards I was supposed to have picked up so they couldn't see my gums. My friends finally realised that instead of picking up the cards I was actually playing with, I'd picked up my pile of fives that I'd already collected. For some reason this sparked a huge laughing fit and I couldn't stop. Have you ever had a laughing fit?

To see a short video clip of my laughing fit, go HERE.



More news:

Camping was so much fun and I was able to completely let go and relax. We saw a lot of things and had a lot of laughter. What's your favourite type of holiday?

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