My Best Friend Ben

October 18, 2014




  'Are you hungry, Ben?' I asked my best friend.

  He looked up at me and wagged his paintbrush tail. It's black and fades into a white tip. His face is half black and half merle.

  'You want some?' I said, holding up his tin of food.

  He jumped up then and tried to lick me. I got to the floor and gave him a cuddle as he waited for his food.

  'You have such a strong bond,' my friend said as I stood and gave him his food.

  She was right. I've had Ben for five years now and he's helped me to open my heart and love.

  He sits near me when I'm eating, waiting for his little treat when I've finished. He sits on the sofa next to me when I'm writing, often reminding me when it's time to stop working and go for a walk.

  'He's so cute,' my friend said as he wiped his mouth on his special beanbag.

  'He's like Tom Cruise,' I said laughing.


Another friend and I decided to see what celeb personality our dogs reflected. We decided on Tom Cruise for Ben. What celeb personality does your pet remind you of?

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