You Have a Choice! - New Book!

November 2, 2014


My first ever traditionally published novella is out now!

  ‘You need to come downstairs. It’s your mum: she’s having one of her funny turns.’ His hands shook as he gestured behind him. I jumped up and followed him out of the room.

  ‘You’re joking? She’s not had one since you’ve known her. How can you know…?’ My words trailed off as we entered the living room and I saw her. She was rocking and her eyes were fixed on the blank television screen in front of her.

  ‘What happened?’ I went over and sat next to her. It had been three years since I’d last seen her like this. She’d seemed fine when I’d gone to bed.

  ‘I’m not sure. When you went, she looked at me and smiled. She said that you meant that it would be okay. Then her eyes just glazed over and she started to do this…I don’t know…’

Please support me in my biggest dream coming true! Grab your copy for only £1.37/$2.91 now: 


If you do grab a copy, let me know by commenting below and you'll be entered to win the whole of my back catalog in ebook form! 

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