Creating a Fantasy

November 9, 2014


  'What are you writing?'
  I glanced over at my mother and smiled gently. She was always interested in what I ideas I was coming up with. I tapped my pen against my pad and shook my head.
  'Come on, tell me,' she said, trying to snatch the paper.
  I came out of the zone and started to explain the world I had come up with.
  'How do you do that?' she asked.
  'Do what?' I replied, pulling my pad nearer to me so she'd stop trying to get it.
  'Come up with these weird and wonderful ideas?'
  I looked down at the words that had formed by my hand and shrugged.
  'I don't know. I just seem to go into my own world and write whatever comes out.'


This is so true of how I write. I allow the story to flow from me and often get really lost in it. I find that time can fly by and I've written loads. I love getting lost in a world of my minds creation. How do you lose time?

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