What's Avoidable About You?

November 17, 2014


  'Are your characters about you?' another author asked me.
  I smiled to myself and thought of the numerous characters I'd written. Some I loved, some irritated me and others were my worse nightmare.
  'I suppose they probably are,' I replied.
  'Would you say that a part of you feels like an Avoidable? Why else would you write about them?'
  I nodded quickly. I loved this question. It wasn't something I'd thought about exploring but I supposed I should.
  'I think everyone feels like they're an Avoidable on some level. We all believe that there's something about ourselves that is wrong or ugly. When I write an Avoidable, I hopefully capture a theme that a lot of people feel is true for themselves. For instance, Hope feels that she's ugly because she only has one arm. Purple feels like he doesn't want to commit because he's scared of being hurt. Jason feels like a failure of a man and so on...'
  'So each character embodies something that could be an Avoidable quality in most people?' she asked me as she smiled gently.
  'Yes, I suppose we all feel Avoidable sometimes in life. Even me. I aim to show people that no matter what or who you are, we're all Perfect in our own way.'

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