Love vs Lust

November 24, 2014



  'Why does this generation feel the need to just go out and sleep with each other?' my much older friend asked me as we sat sipping hot chocolate in the local cafe. I tilted my head to the side and raised my eyebrows.
  'It's not just this generation, it's been happening since the sixties,' I replied.
  'Yes, but people seemed to fall in love or at least give love more of a chance back then.'
  I couldn't argue because I hadn't been alive back then and she had.
  'I'm not sure,' I said, stirring my hot chocolate to unsettle the thicker bit at the bottom. 'I know that any experience I've had that wasn't when I was in love, was because of low self esteem.'
  'Yes, it's an interesting discussion,' she replied draining her coffee and smiling at me with her froth mustache.

The above conversation was interesting because I've been writing about a character in Avoidables and she sleeps with men to try and find love. She's not aware that this is what she's doing, but it's very obvious.


I have to be honest and say that as a teenager I certainly experienced a similar thing. Does society believe that sleeping with someone will make them fall in love with them? Or is it that people are genuinely disconnected from their emotions enough to act upon their lust for fun?


I find it fascinating looking back and comparing how it used to be, to now. Layla, my lonely character, thinks that jumping into bed with any man that will have her, will help her find the man of her dreams. As her story unfolds I look forward to seeing how she realises that there is much more to love than sex.


What's your experience in Love vs Lust?

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