Meet My Character: Hope

December 7, 2014

Meet my character blog hop is a way for readers to not only get to know a character from my book, but a way for you to find other speculative fiction authors.


Blog Hop


I'd like to thank Jessica Rydill for sharing her character Annat from her book Children of the Shaman. Here's Jessica's bio:


Jessica Rydill was born in Bath in November 1959. She attended Bath High School and St Paul's Girls' School, where she enjoyed subjects like Latin, but not so much Hockey and Netball.


Jessica read English at King's College Cambridge in 1979, at the time when there were debates about politics, semiotics and feminism. After graduation, she moved to London and trained as a solicitor. Though she did her articles with a firm in Chancery Lane, after qualifying she mostly worked as a locum with various London Boroughs. She became a specialist in Housing Disrepair and frequently appeared in front of the Judge in the Lambeth County Court while he expatiated on various subjects ranging from mould growth to sausages.


In 1998, Jessica returned to the family home in Bath, where she lived until 2010. She was first published by Orbit in 2001 when Children of the Shaman came out in paperback; The Glass Mountain followed in 2002. Both books were translated into German, as Die Eisgoettin and Der Glaserne Berg. In addition, Roc, a division of Penguin Puttnam, published Children of the Shaman in the USA.


A short story, The Anniversary, was published by NewCon Press in The Write Fantastic anthology, Anniversaries, in 2010. In 2013, Jessica self-published the sequel, Malarat. She is working on the fourth book in the series, Winterbloom.


Jessica is married to Stephen Saunders, a writer and designer. She continues to live near Bath, and collects Asian Ball Jointed Dolls.


Links: Blog Hop  Amazon UK   Amazon US 



Meet My Character


1) What is the name of your character? Is he or she fictional or a historic person?


My name is Hope and I'm a fictional character from the future. I'm half angel, half Avoidable. I've just found out that I'm part angel and have a mission on earth to unite the Avoidables and Perfects together.

2) When and where is the story set?


I live on earth in the very distant future. I hope you can all start appreciating everyone no matter what they look like. If not, the world will be separated in two like it is where I come from. Being judged because you're ugly or have a defect is not cool. Also I'm not so sure that breeding with dragons and animals is the correct thing to do. My best friend, Purple would disagree because he likes having wings, but if you could just stick to your own kind, then I could kick Purple's arse.

3) What should we know about him or her?


I only have one arm. Yep, I was born with one arm to a Perfect mother. She had to flee Upper Side when she realised that my defect meant that I'd get thrown out without her. Lower Side is dirty and dangerous, especially for a pretty woman, but she risked her life for me. Oh and my father was an angel.

4) What is the main conflict? What messes up his or her life?


Meeting Jason. I was just beginning to get into my role as a warrior when the Perfect had to go and make me fall in love with him. Not only that, he touched my shoulder stump and I sprouted an arm and some wings. How the hell would I cope in Lower Side being in love with a Perfect and with the knowledge that angels existed? And that I was one of them?

5) What is the personal goal of the character?


I need to complete my mission. Jason has told me that the angels have infiltrated the Perfect government and they need us to be together to bring harmony to the Avoidables and Perfects. It's about time we worked together to show everyone that no person is better than anyone else. We're just different, that's all.


6) What is the title of the book(s), and where can I find out more?


Avoidables is a serial and the first one is free. Each episode is made up of roughly 85 pages, but each episode is also from a different character's point of view. You can get to know my best friend, Purple, in the second instalment. If you love dystopian fantasy romance mixed with action and different couples overcoming discrimination to be together, then you need to come and meet us on all platforms.

7) When was the book published?


The first episode was published in June. There are now four episodes out and the fifth one is due by Christmas. If you want to meet me for free, just seach for Avoidables on your chosen platform.


Buy Links HERE.


What's next:


Next Week Ted Cross will be introducing his character on the Meet My Character Blog Hop. Here is some info about Ted:


Ted Cross has spent the past two decades traveling the world as a diplomat, all the time dreaming about writing fantasy and science fiction. He's visited nearly forty countries and lived in seven, including the U.S., Russia, China, Croatia, Iceland, Hungary, and Azerbaijan. He's witnessed coup attempts, mafia and terrorist attacks, played chess with several world champions, and had bit parts in a couple of movies. He currently lives in Baku, Azerbaijan with his lovely wife and two teenage sons.





Ted Cross:


Cover Illustration © Stephan Martiniere

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