Dreams Are Coming True

December 15, 2014



  'Have you always chased your dreams?' she asked as we traveled on the train.

  We were on our way to London to have a day out. We planned to see some of the sites and eat good food.

  'I didn't know what I wanted to do when I was a teenager, so no. I was in my twenties when I realised that I wanted to write for a living.'

  She nodded, 'Yes, me too. Sometimes I wonder if I even know what I want to do now.'

  I laughed and glanced up at the ticket guard as he asked to see our tickets.

  'Yes, I feel lucky to have found something I love to do. I'm determined to do it full time and hopefully I'll have an opportunity now.'


Sometimes the universe finds ways for you to be able to move forward with your life. It may be scary or confusing at the time, but I believe that once you get past the unknown, it always becomes clear. Things are changing all the time. Sometimes the changes are big and out of our control, but I feel this is just a way for us to let go of what's not working and welcome in a new phase of life.


We may not know where the road is taking us, but the ride should be enjoyed.

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