Avoidables 6 is here!

January 26, 2015


  ‘One more thing, Henry,’ he called as Jason left the room, ‘I want you to do a test on Amya. I want to know just how much she feels and how it translates into brainwaves. Can you do that for me?’
  I nodded slowly, thinking of doing an electromagnetic test. ‘I’ll try to get it done, but it depends how close I can get and if she’ll stay still.’
  ‘Ask Layla to help you; that’s what she’s there for.’
  ‘Yes, sir,’ I replied, leaving him to it.
  ‘What did he say?’ Jason asked as I joined him in the hallway.
  When I told him, his eyebrows shot up into his forehead. ‘Good luck persuading Layla to help you with that.’
  ‘There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s a completely harmless procedure. It just measures a brainwave, that’s all.’
  ‘Just…good luck,’ Jason said laughing as we climbed into the car and started towards the Lower Side.

Buy Now: http://www.amazon.com/Avoidables-6-Rachel-Medhurst-ebook/dp/B00SOQRQCM 

More News

Avoidables 6 is the last in the series for a while. It will return in the summer.

The Deadliners 3 is almost finished and will be released at the end of February.

Zodiac Twin Flames is coming in March and I can't wait!! It's a fantasy romance novel series and Pisces kicks off with the first book.

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