Top Ten....Cakes. What's yours?

February 20, 2015

(Yes, I made this...with the help of Betty!)


1. Red Velvet Cake - I had this cake in New York (from Magnolia Bakery, which is apparently famous) and I just can't seem to find it made the same in England.


2. Carrot Cake - We shouldn't like carrots in a cake. I don't love them as a vegetable, but as long as the cake is moist and has a good helping of icing, I love it!


3. Banana and Walnut Cake - Recently had a slice of this in a garden centre cafe. It had banana flavour icing on the top and sides and then walnuts sprinkled over it. Yum!


4. Brownie - Hot brownies should be gooey in the middle and crispy on the top. It's that simple.


5. Black Forest Gateau - Cream is a massive turn off for me, I've never liked it. However, if I mash it in with the cherries and is very yummy!


6. Gingerbread - Moist and sweet, it's hard to explain what gingerbread tastes like. Ginger isn't a big favourite of mine in savoury, but I love it in sweet.


7. Lemon Syrup Cake - My friend cooked a lovely lemon syrup cake for me the other week and make me take half of it home. It was so moist and sweet, but with a lemony tang, I ate the rest in two days!


8. Chocolate Cake - Yep, it is quite a way down the list. It has to be moist. I can't eat dry chocolate cake, but when it's moist, I enjoy a good slice.


9. Pavlova - Crunchy, chewy meringue with a topping and fruit. Cream is not a favourite for me, but replace it with yoghurt or ice cream and, yes please!


10. Victoria Sponge - I'm British so I have to have Victoria on the list.


What's your favourite cake? What have I missed out that should be on the list?




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