Pisces Excerpt & Cover Reveal

March 2, 2015

 ‘I get your point, mate, don’t worry. I was genuinely interested in the bracelet.’

  I looked into the man’s eyes and felt fear bubble in my stomach. Fathers warning came into my head and I wondered if the man knew about my mission. He got up suddenly and sat in the opposite chair. Antony let go of my hand and came to sit next to me. The conductor announced the next stop and a few people stood to get off. Our stranger friend was watching me closely. I felt exposed and squirmed in my seat.

  ‘Are you okay?’ Antony whispered in my ear.

  I shivered as his breath hit my sensitive skin. My heightened senses were really annoying sometimes. I looked him in the eye and realised how close he was. He was leaning into me, but I’d been so worried about the stranger, I hadn't noticed.

  He chuckled as I went cross eyed. He pulled back slightly so I could focus on his face. His nose was almost touching mine and I noticed that it was slightly bigger than normal, but it suited him.

 ‘What are you doing?’ I whispered as his hand came up.

 ‘Just play along,’ he whispered back, letting his hand come up to cup my jaw. His thumb stroked my cheek as his fingers caressed the hair behind my ear.

  I got lost in his gaze, unsure what I should be doing. This wasn’t the way for me to find my soulmate but I knew that he was just warning the stranger.

  When his lips brushed mine, my eyes closed. The kiss was so gentle I barely felt it. His tongue flicked out and traced my lips. I couldn’t breathe. I held my breath as sensation flowed through me and something snapped inside. I wanted to reach up and grab his head. I wanted to force him to kiss me properly, instead of teasing with tiny touches of his lips, never fully connecting with mine.

Coming 27th March 2015


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