Is the Zodiac real?

March 16, 2015



  'You can't tell me that you think the Zodiac stuff is real?' she said, glancing at the title of the manuscript on the desk.

  I bit my tongue at my first response and composed my face as I turned to her. 'Yes, I do believe in it to a certain extent, but mainly for fun.'

  'People are all different. How can every star sign be the same?'

  The smile that tried to creep onto my face was wiped off when she grabbed the newspaper out of my hand.

  'They're not the same. Different planets and signs are aligned when someone is born and that's what makes up a person, apparently. I can't pretend to be an expert on it.'

  She opened the paper and started to read her horoscope aloud.

  'It says that love could come to me today. So is every Pisces going to find love today?'

  I shrugged and took the paper back. 'Who knows.'


  'Will you write the series completely accurately?'


  'I'll try, but it's fantasy fiction. It's not supposed to be completely accurate. Pisces can breathe under water and Aries can throw fire.'


  She smiled at me. 'Well, that sounds like it's fun to write.'


  'It is. Now leave me alone so I can get on with it.'




Twelve books in a year. Can I do it? Pisces is due out on the 27th March and will be released at the special price of only 0.99c/p. I hope you grab it and let me know what you think of the first book in the new series!

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