April, the month of Aries.

April 7, 2015

The air was warm against my skin as I crouched on the ground. My leg muscles screamed at me to move. The burning sensation made me shift as quietly as I could.


  I turned my head towards the whisper. The alleyway next to the house was pitch black, so I couldn’t make out the owner of the voice. I told them not to speak under any circumstances. Why did the idiots not listen to me?

  I didn’t say anything. Instead, I rose from my crouch and crept towards the back of the alley. The Victorian house was tall beside me. I had no idea if anyone was inside, but I didn’t want to draw any attention to us.

  ‘What is it?’ I hissed into the darkness.

  The words flew away from me and rebounded off the stone brick walls. The shadows moved, and the shape of a shorter man emerged. I smelt the aftershave before I could make out his face. Gemini.

  I had told both him, and Taurus, to wait up the road. Why hadn’t he bloody listened to me? A cat screeched nearby, and we both dropped to the ground. The midnight surveillance wasn’t going to plan.

  ‘We saw a car drive by the house. It slowed right down, but didn’t stop.’

  I grabbed Gemini’s arm and squeezed. His voice was too loud, and the sound of it carried.

It was the third time we had checked out the house where Pisces had been kept prisoner.   Taurus had noticed a small light in the window the last time we were there, so we had come back to investigate.

  ‘Why have you come to tell me?’ I whispered, not moving an inch.

  ‘Because it’s gone past twice now.’

  My head snapped towards the front of the alleyway when I heard footsteps pass the entrance. I kept hold of Gemini’s suit sleeve and pulled him to a stand. We crept forward, keeping our shoes soft on the concrete. I had never understood Gemini. He was a ladies man that loved to look good. He took time with his clothes and appearance. Even now, creeping through an alleyway, he smelt like a perfume shop.

  ‘Be quiet, we don’t want anyone to hear.’ The voice ahead of us made me freeze.

  It was coming from the steps of the Victorian house. I pulled Gemini to the mouth of the alleyway and pushed him against the wall. Letting him go, I took a step forward, hoping he would stay.

  ‘We’ll be fine. Nick has no idea I have the keys to this place.’


To be continued...


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