Finding Your Voice

April 20, 2015


  'What is it you're trying to say?'

  The question was a good one. One that I had never taken time to consider. For so long I had written words to find my voice. I had tried to hone my craft to get my message perfect, but underneath it all, did I know what my message was? And did I believe that I could be perfect?


  'That's a good question. I need to take some time to think about the answer,' I replied, as I stared out of the kitchen window. The sun shone down on the trees that lined the back garden. The leaves moved in the gentle breeze. 

  'When you know what you're trying to say, it will be easier.'

  She was right of course, my confident friend.

  'No ones perfect,' I said, wringing my hands together.

  'Exactly. In fact, readers relate to stories when the character isn't perfect.'


  'Yes. I suppose finding your voice, is telling the world a story that you have inside you. No matter how you tell it.'


  The philosophy of questioning myself was something I always practiced. Why had I forgotten to do the same with my books? They were my voice.


  'Everyone has a voice. It's just whether or not they choose to use it. You want to write, so just write.'


  I laughed at her blunt words. Five minutes before I had asked her if I was doing the right thing. Creative projects are personal, so when they're shared, the person questions if it was the right thing to do. Self doubt creeps up and tries to take you back down with it.


  'Yes, I love to write. I'll stop putting so much pressure on myself.'


  It was her turn to laugh. She knew me too well. If I didn't pressure myself at least a little bit, I would never publish a book. Balance was key to achieving the dream.


  We all have a voice, but we need to open our mouths for it to be heard.


  How do you express your voice?

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