This 30 year old is going clubbing!

May 19, 2015

When I started writing Avoidables, I didn't know what would unfold. A tale of right and wrong emerged. A story about discrimination unfolded as Hope, the girl with one arm, was told that she was part angel. (If you've not read Avoidables, please sign up to my mailing list for the first 2 books - free!)


I think the moral of my story is quite obvious. We all strive to be better people. Some of us strive to look better. Some want more money. Some need success to feel good about themselves.


I've not written a blog post for many months addressing anything other than writing, but as I start my new project. - Yes, it's an Avoidables surprise! I find myself pondering on what we as a human race believe about our physical appearance.


I'm a young woman. I've recently got myself an exercise bike because I've become more inactive since being a full time writer. I've also signed up to Argentine Tango classes just because I love dancing! I don't do either of these things in order to make myself look good for other people. I do it to feel good within myself.


So many people worry about what they look like. They hold themselves back from doing something they love because of how others might perceive them. This makes me sad. Life is too short to stop yourself from having fun.


When I was young, I always worried. I would struggle to go anywhere without someone else. I cringed at the idea of dancing in front of men. I refused to take part and let my hair down, just in case someone judged me.


I think hitting 30 has made me not care. Yes, it happens, people. Two months ago, I hit the milestone birthday. This weekend, my friend (who is even older than me!) wants to go clubbing for her birthday. I've not been clubbing for many years. At first, I was thinking...oh, my, goodness, I'm going to look so old. But then I stopped myself. Why does it matter?


Hope and the Avoidable gang have taught me a lot. Firstly, don't ever let others make you feel bad about yourself. Keep believing in who you are, even if you don't feel like you fit in. And lastly, go out and have some fun, instead of letting life and others hold you back! Who cares what they think?


What have you done to let your hair down lately?


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