The problem with the Zodiac...Can you help me?

May 26, 2015

Zodiac traits vary from person to person. There may be similar things that people under the same star sign do, but it's all just a generalisation. When writing Zodiac Twin Flames, I've found that I was able to write Pisces easily...because I'm a Pisces.

One review on Pisces was really interesting. It was left by someone who knows something about the Zodiac. She commented on how well the traits of Pisces were captured. Of course, I was able to do this, because a lot of Pisces' personality is my own.

However...I would like to capture the other signs well too. Of course, my books are fiction. I don't embody the traits of all signs, so I'm hoping readers will cut me a little bit of slack on my writing adventure. I've already written Taurus and Aries has been released (more on that below).

I still need your help! If I can get you to let me know your star sign and the way you react to life, hopefully I can write more accurate characters. So, pretty please take the time to fill in the survey in the link below and you'll be entered to win a prize!


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Aries is out now! You will not believe what happens to him. One reader cursed me for Aries' woes, but then told me she actually preferred his story to Pisces! Please check him out, he would love for you to fight in his corner with him.





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