Knowing you, helps me.

August 21, 2015

 Knowing you, helps me.
As a reader, I like all genres. However, I do find myself drawn to books that have romance in them. Fairy tale endings make me weep with joy. I also like a riveting series that allows me to get engrossed in the characters world. I don't mind if there's only a few characters or loads. Either way, as long as the story grips me, I will get sucked in.

What about you? What type of genre is your go to? Do you prefer standalone books or series?
How do you read?

Growing up in the 90's. - Yes, I'm a 90's kid! - I read paperbacks all the time. We didn't have smart phones. I didn't even have a computer until I was nineteen. Wow, that makes me feel old to say. When all the new technology came in, I put off getting anything to read my books. I stuck to paperbacks. Even now, I still buy my favourite books in paperback. I finally got a kindle last year. Yep, ten years after I got my first computer, I gave in and got a kindle. The ease of use and convenience of being able to have a book instantly is something that I've got used to. However, I still enjoy both ways of reading.

How do you read? Do you have a way to buy ebooks or do you stick to paperbacks?


Other News

Gemini will be released on August 31st! Here's a little excerpt to get you excited:

  ‘Yes, I’ve got the money. Count me in.’
 The dealer raised his eyebrows. His sharp jaw clenched as his gaze swept over the other players. The dingy room was silent as they stared.
  ‘You doubt me?’ My youth was held against me. It always had been.
  ‘I doubt that you’ve got two balls, son, let alone ten grand.’
  The player that addressed me was well known. His blue eyes pierced through me, searching for the truth…or bluff. His blond hair was slicked back from his forehead. He was only ten years older than me but he had been gambling for much longer. He was a pro.
  ‘Trust me, I’ve got two balls. I’ll show you later if you’re lucky.’ I smirked at the laughter of the other players. Confidence was a must in the life of a professional gambler. There was a reason the name ‘poker face’ had come about.
  ‘Okay, he can play.’ Liam, the one with all the power, snapped his fingers.
  The dealer shuffled the cards and dealt them onto the plain wooden table. The set up was simple. The people were hard. Their jaws set. Their lips pulled into a straight line.
  ‘This isn’t some friendly game, Gemini, you better not be lying about having the money.’
  I sniffed as I scooped up the cards and glanced at my hand. The corner of my lip threatened to lift when I studied the numbers and suits. I stilled the motion, instead flicking the bit of fluff that landed on the table next to my tumbler of whiskey.
  The final play started. The palms of my hands dampened. Ten thousand pounds was a lot of money to lose. London was a harsh city. A cold place at night when there wasn’t a roof over your head.
  ‘Fold.’ The last of the other players bowed out of the game.
  I looked up. My gaze clashed with my new archenemy. He raised one eyebrow and flicked his hand at the dealer. He nodded after swapping in two cards. He didn’t need to say anything. The dealer knew him well.
  The other four people in the room watched as I swapped out three cards. It was a risky call. A call that I hoped would pay off. I flipped the cards into my hand and scanned them. My heart thundered in my chest as I kept my reaction concealed inside of me.
  Nodding, I let them know that I was ready to play. Blondie’s eyes squinted before he laid his hand down first. I bit my lip as I let my cards fall to the table.

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