Top Ten...Randomness I Love

September 22, 2015


1. Plasticine - I've not played with plasticine since I was a kid. But after seeing the above picture, I want now! My signature model would be a snail...


2. Gloopy chocolate mess - The other day, I grabbed a bowl, a tablespoon of Nutella, a tablespoon of Peanut Butter and some marshmallows. I shoved it in the microwave for a minute. Then added some nut cornflakes. Stir and put in fridge or just eat off a spoon straight away. Try it and don't tell me it's not amazballs.


3. Dog (or cat) cuddles - Our dog cuddles are not given enough credit. My little boy gives the best cuddles in the world. He even sits on me when he thinks I'm going out without him. Let's show our pets some love.


4. Colouring Books - So, there's been a massive adult colouring book craze. I have one. However, I want to get an old fashioned kids one. The reason being, when I was younger, I always shaded everything in myself. In the adult books, there's much less room for doing that. Everything is so intricate and perfect, there's no space for me to add depth with my own style of shading. Anyone else feel my pain or is it just me?


5. Hot Chocolate - I have a new way of buying my hot chocolate treat. Instead of getting a whole tub of the same flavour, I buy several individual packs in different flavours. More variety to suit my complex ever-changing mood.


6. Indoor Plants - Don't crease up your nose. I'm talking about when one of your plants flowers. I love when you've had them for a while and they start to bloom with new fresh flowers. I have a cyclamen that has white flowers right now. Awww.


7. Netflix - Yes, I've finally discovered it. I know, where have I been? Seriously, though. If there is anything that can turn me into an addict, it's Netflix. If I want to stay a hermit my whole life, I just need to keep it. I've watched all four seasons of Once Upon a Time in a very short time frame. Don't pretend you've not done it. :)


8. TBR Pile - I never used to have a really high pile. Until now. I've recently joined Instagram. Of course, that means I have to join in with taking pictures of books. How can I resist? So, my paperback TBR pile is now added to my Kindle one. So much reading to do, so little time.


9. No, I'm not putting the heating on! - In the UK, it's been one of the wettest summers for a while. It's starting to get chilly in the evenings now. I have this internal fight with myself (I live on my own right now) on whether or not I should put the heating on. My own thoughts amuse me. 


10. Walking in Nature - So, I'm a nature person. I love to go and sit in the secret garden near me. It makes me feel so much better. I know I don't sound like a normal person when I say that but seriously, you should try it!

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