Love in Sight

September 29, 2015

 Most of you won't know that I actually write a bit of poetry. I've not done it for ages but decided to have a go the other night. Do any of you write poetry? Do share here! I'm not someone who knows anything about the proper way of writing it, I just write it for myself. 


Love in Sight


Whispered words fall through my soul,

Capture me, when I am whole

Distant laughter, seeps inside

Know me now, no place to hide


Catch the tear that falls from eyes

A longing of touch, still mystified

Magic kisses, forever combined

In sweet moments, always mine


Nothing keeps me from your soul

A memory of us, forever untold

We seep into each other’s skin

Allowing love, to float within


Breath keeps me still tonight

As your fingers find my side

Place of peace and rhythm in sight

No one can feel me, just your light


Lover’s energy combined in us

A rush of emotion in tune with us

Keep me close, when shivering free

Nothing can thaw those frozen feet


My love for you in every stare

Another moment, another share

Nothing feels so perfect to me

Beating hearts, forever free


Copyright ©Rachel Medhurst 2015 

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