I Got Myself a Dragon...

October 12, 2015

Yes, I got myself a dragon. It helps me to write. Okay, it's not a real dragon but a dictation software and headset. I look really posh when I sit at my desk with a headset on. Well, I think I do anyway. I'm sure others would disagree. So, what is a Dragon you ask?


My dragon helps me by typing my stories. Instead of me using my lazy fingers for typing, I speak into the headset and it writes for me. It dictates straight onto a Word document. It also does emails and all sorts. I'm hoping this will help my productivity to be quicker. You know what that means, don't you? More books...yay!


It's taking some getting used to. I don't plot my books, they come straight from my brain so speaking them is very different. However, so far, so good. I'm getting the words down quicker than I do if typed. You have to train your dragon. Yes, it really is called Dragon. It analyses my writing style so that it can be more accurate when I'm talking. Sometimes it makes me laugh because random words, instead of what I'm saying, come out on screen. This gets easier. and less often, the more I use it.


So if you see me with a headset on, I'm not taking phone calls, I'm writing the stories in my books.




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