Review: Paper Towns by John Green

November 16, 2015

Author: John Green

Genre: Contemporary Young Adult


About the story:


Margo is an elusive soul. Her neighbour is a young lad that has always had the hots for her. When they're young, they have an experience that moulds them into who they are. When Margo turns up by Quentin's window, she leads him on the night of his life. One that he'll never forget. Her popular lifestyle has made Margo into the typical high school girl. Quentin's own life went another way.


Margo is a rebel. A girl that intriques Quentin more than any other. When she goes missing after their night of madness, Quentin makes it his mission to find her. We follow him as he trails after the girl who he has always sort of loved.


My opinion:


John Green is a brilliant writer, there is no doubting it. As I read Paper Towns, the first book I've read by John, I was a tiny bit jealous of how well he writes. A part of me wishes I had his talent. But then, I quickly realised that my books are nothing like his. Our style is completely different. 


I couldn't put this book down. In fact, it's been a while since I could say that about a book. Between writing, editing and general life, I have a little less reading time. I made sure I took time out with this book because I couldn't wait to get back to it. A reminder of why I write in the first place.


The story is very well told. Green is able to portray angst of the teenage kind perfectly. I really related to both characters in the story. It took me back to a place in my teenage years where a part of me wanted to be noticed, but the other part wanted to disappear. Just like Margo. Her scatty ways remind me of myself, yet how I wish I'd had her confidence.


Overall, I can see why this book is popular. An easy read with a lot of relatable character traits. Very well written and not easy to put down.


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