Review: Divergent

December 14, 2015


It had to be done. Divergent is a dystopian trilogy for young adults. It's huge! Veronica Roth is a couple of years younger than me and to say that I admire her is an understatement. I sometimes wonder what makes a book a hit. What about it makes people relate so much? I'm not sure we'll ever know.


The world that Roth creates is clever. One where humans are separated according to their biggest value/strength. The concept made everyone, including me, think about what they value the most. It was a great way to get readers thinking about more than the story.


The tests that Trish has to go through to get into Dauntless are scary. I'm pretty sure that I would not have made the cut if I had to try. I love tattoos, I have four! Yet, I'm the type of girl who can't even hit a tennis ball with a racket...seriously!


Of course, the love interest is so on point. Who wouldn't want a strong, almost fearless man? I defy anyone not to fancy Four...


The first book in Roth's trilogy is also a good example of survival. How people react in certain situations. The bullies come out to play and the weaker suffer for it. The intricate lessons woven through the whole book made me smile. Very smart writing, Roth!


Of course, like most people, I couldn't put the book down. All the way to the end! Trish battles so much, yet manages to stay true to herself. What a lesson she teaches. Empowered women are coming up in fiction every day, which pleases me!


I can't wait to move on to the next book to see what unfolds for the girl who surprised herself at how fearless she can be.



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