Ramblings: Teeth, Dictation and Craft

February 8, 2016


It's certainly been an interesting week. One of those weeks where things seem to unfold in a pain in the arse way. You know, car needs a new coil spring, you twist your back, the dentist doesn't quite go to plan. 


Teeth are funny things. They're tiny but boy, when they're not happy, they let you know!


And my new best friend, Dragon - the dictation software - has been working very hard. Which means my brain is a little tired from the stories spewing from it but I'm having a lot of fun!


I realised this week that I used to love art and crafts. It has always been a habit to draw and paint but I've not done it for a long time. A friend came over this week, carrying a huge box of art things, and we had a day of craft. It sounds more boring than it actually was. It was nice to step away from the mental activity of writing to be able to make a clay model. Isn't she lovely?


I can't believe that it's already been a month since the start of the new year. Time slips by so quickly, especially when I'm writing.


That's my ramblings for the end of January. Let's hope February brings some exciting things to life!

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