Writing: Leo & Avoidables 8

March 7, 2016

 I have Leo's cover! And it's very lovely! And you're not allowed to see it quite yet, sorry!


Leo is by far one of my favourite character's in the Zodiac Twin Flame series. He's cheeky, happy, and very loyal. The perfect Leo. But I wonder how open Leo can be. Is he open enough to be honest with his siblings? Does he try to keep a secret from them? Maybe he's protecting them.


When I started the Zodiac Twin Flame series, I knew it would be a mission in itself. Twelve books. Twelve character's. Twelve chances to try and keep You entertained. Leo is the perfect entertainment. Every time I start a new Zodiac book, I don't think too much about how it will unfold. I tend to not plan how a story will be told. All previous books just came naturally. I have no idea who will end up with who. It really is that simple. 


Avoidables is also being written in conjunction with Leo. Switching from the different worlds is interesting but makes it fun for me. I love the variation. Avoidables 8 follows Jacks, an Avoidable that is introduced in book 7. I hope you're all prepared to fall in love with a rouge. 

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