Ramblings: Concerts, Easter Eggs and Birthday

April 4, 2016

It was my birthday in March! Yay! I'm one year older and still going strong. This makes me very happy. I really do appreciate every birthday I have, so I make sure to have fun. This year, I went to Hever Castle with a whole group of friends to do archery. It was really chilly, but I got some great hits with the arrows, including a fake deer's heart (don't worry, no real animals were hurt in the making of this blog post or the archery). We then went on to have a meal and drink in a very old pub next to the castle. It was a really perfect day and all my friends came along. 


I had a phase from 2007-2010 where I went to a lot of rock concerts. It's been a while since I've been to any, over five years! But, this year, I found out that an band I used to love, Breaking Benjamin, are finally crossing the waters from America to play in London. Surprising my sister, who also loved them, I managed to grab two tickets. Then another friend wanted to see Nickelback, so four of us decided to book to see them at the end of the year too. Very exciting stuff!


When I woke up on Easter morning to find lots of photo's of people's Easter eggs, I felt a little bit sorry for myself as I didn't have any. I moaned to my little sister, who's ten years younger than me. When I picked her up to visit our nan, I was pleasantly surprised to find that she had popped out to get me a Mini Eggs Easter Egg....cue massive grin! Funnily enough, we got to my nan's and my dad had got me one too! Who says I'm too old to get an Easter egg? Not me!


Hope you've all had a lovely Easter and, if you're like me, looking forward to spring. 

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