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April 18, 2016

Everyone loves a song. Most people like the songs in the charts. I got really behind on the chart recently, so decided to catch up. Here are my top ten songs of the moment:


1. PillowTalk by Zayn - I really like this song. It's a big meaningful song about the bedroom from a man I used to think was a boy. Not so much any more!


2. Cheap Thrills by SIA - There's just something about this song that makes me want to dance. I love SIA's voice, I really wish I could sing like her. 


3. Get Ugly by Jason Derulo - Okay, I have a confession. I have Jason's album and loved the track on there. The reason why is because I do quite good free-styling dancing to this one in my kitchen. Who doesn't?


4. Faded by Alan Walker - I don't usually like this types of tracks, but for some reason, this one really sticks in my head. I like it. Nice and simple.


5. 7 Year by Lukas Graham - Don't tell anyone, but I made up my own little version of this the other day when I was about to have my 31st birthday. Oh, sod it, I'll add it here:


Once I was 7 years old, but I can't remember cos, my brain is rather old now, sorry.
Once I was 7 years old.

Once I was 30 years old, and I got a grey hair, and it made me feel sorry for myself, yeah 
Once I was 30 years old.

Once I was almost 31, my friend told me, that grey hair must have been rather lonely.
Once I was almost 31.

Once I was almost 31, there are five grey hairs, on the top of my head, I'm sorry.
Once I was almost 31.


6. All My Friends by Snakehips - I rarely get wasted any more if I'm really honest, yet, I remember the days when I felt this way. Not that I often went to the clubs, but when I did, it was interesting. However, all this to say that this song is really catchy. At first, I thought it was two songs put together, but it grew on me. 


7. One Call Away by Charlie Puth - Who doesn't want someone who Superman has nothing on? Okay, that English wasn't great, but you know what I mean. Charlie, you can be my superman (although, I may be a bit too old lol!)


8. Bang My Head Against the Wall by David and SIA - I also love Fetty Wap in this. There's just something about Fetty's voice. Don't ask me what it is. This is a good dance tune!


9. Girls Like by Tiny Tempah & Zara Larsson - Just so catchy. I like to dance along to this one. It's only just come out and it's already right up in the charts. 


10. Army by Ellie Goulding - If my best friend wrote me a song like this, I would be so chuffed. I have some really close friends and this song is perfect for them too. 


What's your favourite tracks right now?


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