Writing: Avoidables 9

May 23, 2016

Avoidables is my go to world when I want to write about fun and adventure with a bit of romance thrown in. It's one of my favourite stories to write. It's where I can get lost in the world of the Perfects and Avoidables. Each new person that is introduced brings so much to the story. There's so many intricate patterns and leads that are forgotten, only to be brought back together later. I have no idea how my brain does it!


In Avoidables 9, Amya tells her story. She's the cat rebels princess who's just found a young Avoidable male to fall in love with. However, he's not part of her tribe. That could really spell trouble for the princess. She's supposed to be mated to another feline Avoidable.


Hope, the very first Avoidable we meet in the series, also gets a surprise. In one of the most heart warming scenes I've ever written in this series, she finally knows happiness. It made me cry when I wrote it!


Avoidables 9 is out now! 


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