Ramblings: Archery, Cookies and WTF?

June 6, 2016

Ramblings week is often a little random. I love to waffle. In England, this means ramble on. So, on the subject of waffle, I'll refer to the part in my title 'Cookies'. I have three Millie's cookies staring at me as I type this. I know, who types a blog post about what foodstuff they have on their desk? Well, apparently me. Because, I'm seriously trying to resist eating them until later. And, if I said that there were three, I lied. There's actually about half each of all three because I've nibbled on them all. Yes, all three of them. I've not committed to any of them, just taking what I wanted and left them lying there until I'm ready to finish them off.


This now leads me onto WTF? Because quite frankly, my ramblings about cookies that are half eaten makes me wonder about the important things in life. I dunno, maybe cookies are important. In fact, I think they are. As a writer, I'm a deep thinker and after analysing this thought, I've realised that WTF is totally relevant because sometimes, writers have no bloody idea what they're going on about.


Archery. As you've probably seen from previous blog posts, I love having a go at archery. And I'm excited to announce to those of you that read my blog, that I'm actually in training to help others have a go at archery at my local castle! I know you're as excited as me at this development. As an introvert, I'm scared stupid at having to talk to people and engage with them, but I know it's good to get out of my comfort zone. It's time I started to come out of hibernation. And talk less about cookies. 


I never promised that my ramblings would make sense. Nope, never did! 


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