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June 13, 2016


Who doesn't love a television series? It fascinates me how many there are! Can you imagine the time, effort and money that goes into the hundreds of TV shows that are on our televisions around the world? 


I would love for one of my books to be made into a film or television show. So, to celebrate TV, here's my top ten series right now.


1. Vikings - I love history. I love masculine roaring men. I love Vikings.


2. Game of Thrones - I am a huge fan of this series. I've never read the books and I'm not sure I ever would as they're probably a bit too long for me, but I love HBO's television series.


3. Vampire Diaries - I hadn't watched any of The Vampire Diaries until my younger sister bugged me to watch it on Netflix. Well, I got well and truly sucked in. To the point where all I did around work was watch it. I was addicted!


4. Bear Grylls The Island - I could never ever do this. I really wish I could, but I know my body too well. However, I have major respect for those that try. 


5. Penny Dreadful - Ah, who doesn't love a bit of literary horror. I'm not usually a fan of freaky shows but there's just something about this one that is brilliant! 


6. Catfish - Okay, we're all allowed a guilty pleasure and Catfish is one of mine! Simple as that!


7. Reign - Historical period drama's are my all time favourite television. I try not to ever miss any! The story of Mary queen of Scots is so dramatic that I also got addicted to it on Netflix. It's so good!


8. Shadowhunters - I was wary of this one when I first started watching because the female lead was a little irritating. But, I can look past that now because I got so engrossed in the storyline. I haven't read the books, but I want to after watching the show.


9. Outlander - I love love love the Outlander books by Diana Gabolden so when I heard they were making a show, I was really excited. Also a little apprehensive. I have such a clear picture in my head of Jamie Fraiser, who let's face it, is the main reason people love this series, that I was scared that the actor they would cast would disapoint. Although, Sam Heughan is nothing like the Jamie I pictured in my head, he'll do, without a doubt, he'll do.


10. Teen Mum - For some reason, and maybe it's because I'm a Brit, I love watching Teen Mum. I find it really interesting to see how young teens cope with having kids. Maybe it's because my mum was also a teen mum, or maybe it's because the culture is pretty different in the US, but I do really enjoy this show.


What are some of your favourite shows?

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