Writing: Pen Name

June 20, 2016

I have a confession to make. I've not been spending as much time writing Leo because I've been writing a book for my pen name, Rachel S. Rose. It's hard to split my time between both projects, but I promise Leo will be here by the end of the summer!


Writing the Zodiac and Avoidables is my escape. The books I write for my pen name are a bit more serious. The characters in my books are fun, deep and real. Yet, they live in a land that's partly made up, so I can really get lost in the action, adventure and romance of something that doesn't seem as real. 


My pen name is a different story. The characters are going through things that I've been through on a more personal level. For some reason, I find that harder to write. The non-fiction flows and I'm constantly inspired by the prompts that want to come, so at least that comes easier. 


Leo is my guilty secret. I can't wait for you to all read his story!

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