Top Ten: Christmas

December 12, 2016


Who doesn't love Christmas? I can't believe it's coming up to the holiday again, I mean, seriously, where did the year 2016 go? Anyway, here's my top ten Christmas list.


1. Family/Friend time - I know we should make more time to visit during the year, but spending time when actually allowing ourselves to relax makes a nice change.


2. Roast Turkey - Here in Britain we have roast Turkey with all the trimmings. Have you ever had a pig in blanket? Trust me, try one! I adore my xmas dinner, it's the best!


3. Holiday TV - You can't beat all the good tv programmes and films on in the month of December. Especially the week between xmas and new year. Nothing like forgetting about normal life for a week.


4. Time off work - Okay, not everyone has this luxury, but I always try to take a bit of time. Although, I do find myself releasing books in the week between xmas and new years, so maybe I work more than I realise. 


5. Decorations - Our streets are usually filled with xmas lights. It's so pretty and really does make the spirit of xmas really shine.


6. Presents - It's so nice to receive gifts, I'd be crazy not to include these on the list. I love a well thought out present, it really means a lot to me.


7. Chocolate - For some reason, it becomes completely acceptable to eat loads of chocolate over xmas. Do we persuade ourselves that we'll lose weight in January, so that gives us an excuse to eat loads?


8. Feeling of new things to come - When xmas comes, it feels like the end of the year. I know that it's not long until we'll have a fresh new start. There's something about celebrating the end of the year with xmas that makes me happy for the new year.


9. Frosty walks - I love to walk in the countryside on xmas morning. This year will be the first year for 7 years that I don't have my pet and best friend, Ben, walking with me. I lost him in September and I know it's going to be the toughest xmas I've had for a long time without him.


10. Playing games - My friends and I are pretty traditional when it comes to xmas. We like to play games on xmas day instead of sitting in front of the tele all day. We play all sorts and even do some kaeroke. I can't wait to indulge this year.

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